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Wine lovers

The best of Italian Wines 2024

This itinerary is completely dedicated to DOC and DOCG wines. Let's explore the area of Lake Garda, Verona, Trentino, Franciacorta, Colli Berici and Prosecco, and look for famous wines and small productions, walk among bubbles and oak barrels, Venetian Villas and farms in the nature, between mode...
Food and Wine

Best of Veneto Food & Wine 2024

Italy North East offers a mix of well known destinations and places out of of the crowd. Discover Verona, the City of Love; the deep red color of Valpolicella wines; Sirmione, the pearl of Lake Garda; the local markets of Padua. And let the waters of Venice Lagoon lull you to discover the romanti...
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Food and Wine

Best of Piedmont Food & Wine 2024

A tour in North-West of Italy, where cities of art alternate with green hills and valleys dominated by medieval villages and castles. All accompanied by the great local cuisine and ingredients: white truffle of Alba, the finest chocolate, the many local cheeses and great DOCG wines such as the le...

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